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AET Video Library      

Check out our AET video Library, which allows users to search and view videos on various topics in AET.  Search areas like Student Help, Teacher Help, Explore SAE, FFA Awards, and shared Online AET Workshop.

Ag. Business Management Resources      
 Video resources and more to help teach agribusiness concepts

Explore SAE      
Explore SAE helps develop a strong understanding of SAEs through online videos, educational resources, and personalized SAE Explorer Tool. 

Ag Career Readiness Certificate Pathway for the 21st Century (ACRS21)      
  Information and resources for teachers, students, and career counselors. These information pieces include items such as teacher training modules, resources folders, AET graphic organizers, presentations, and ACRS21 scholarship information.   

Personal Finance Lab      

Personal Finance Lab's mission is help every student know how to budget and invest. They design and build the most advanced and engaging Personal Finance, Economics, and Business games, activities, lessons and curriculum to help ensure every student graduates with sufficient financial literacy to face the real world.

Safety Resources for Online Safety Awareness Certificate Exam in AET      
  Supported by a funded project from High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health & Safety (HICAHS).  Use this curriculum to educate your students about tractor and ATV/UTV safety.  They can then complete the online exam in AET to achieve a Safety Awareness Certificate. 

National AFNR Standards for SAEs      
This link provides a summary of common SAE activities and their connections to AFNR Content standards release by The National Council for Agricultural Education. This also offers a final PDF document that contains all standards.

SAE Grading Rubrics      

  Customizable tools help students have a more complete SAE experience and improves information for FFA award applications. 

Gradable Assignments      
  Includes AET vocabulary and related quizzes, as well as depreciation guide and worksheet.

Practice AET Curriculum      

  Practice AET offers a training area for students to learn about the recordkeeping process. This area offers student instruction for all types of SAE records and key reports to help monitor results.

Teacher-Developed Resources      
  Includes tools to help document SAE engagement, rubrics to evaluate SAEs, grading syllabus and other resources. These Google Drive links and downloadable resources are teacher-developed and shared by teachers, so review and use as needed! 

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