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  Lesson 3. SAEs and Connections to Careers  
The student will be able to...
1. understand the relationship between SAE, FFA and classroom instruction.
2. recognize SAE categories.
3. think critically about their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project and connections to careers in agriculture. 

Lesson Plan      
NameDate AddedSize
Guidelines for Supervised Agricultural Experiences 7/15/2018 1481 KB

Handouts & Key Terms      
  • Guidelines for Supervised Agricultural Experience STUDENT VERSION new handout.
  • AET and Agricultural Education Terms (from previous lesson)
  • Students Getting Started Day One Guide (from previous lesson)

Teaching Materials & Resources      
  1. Draw the 3-circle model on the board or on a poster board before class.
  2. Have enough yellow sticky notes or yellow papers (or pieces of paper with yellow written on each one) for all students to receive one or two.
  3. Guidelines for Supervised Agricultural Experience STUDENT VERSION handout.
  4. “Getting Started Day 1” worksheets that students previously completed in the previous lesson.
  5. PowerPoint - Download


  Estimated Time
2 to 3 class sessions

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