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  Our Team - Roger Hanagriff  
Roger is currently a faculty member at Texas A&M University Kingsville within the department of Agricultural Business. He has more than 15 years experience in academia within program evaluation, agribusiness finance, marketing and management with emphasis on agriculture education. Roger has nearly 10 years combined experience in farm management information, cost analysis and farm accounting. Roger is an avid horseman/trainer and also competes in team roping and calf roping and involved in many aspects of the agricultural industry.

Roger was awarded the state degree in Texas as well as in 2012, he received an Honorary State FFA Degree, both of which are representative of his passion to support the growth and development of agricultural education. His specific academic service target has been to work with agricultural education teachers and their students regarding record keeping and managing Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs). After spending 10 years helping Texas teachers use a variety of record books, there was a glaring need for change. Partnering with his friend/programming guru, Clay Ewell and his former doctoral chair, Dr. Tim Murphy, The AET record keeping program was born. Roger’s goal is to transform the concept of record books to be a tool for all agricultural education students and through their use, be valuable for teachers to promote their program's success.

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